Tennis Camera version 2.4.0

Tennis Camera
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  • Titre: Tennis Camera
  • Version: 2.4.0
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  • Date de sortie: 2014-05-22T22:34:00Z
  • Développeur: Tomas Camin Seiffert
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  • Licence: 5,49 €
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Supported Devices:

iPhone 5

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5S (Optimized)

iPhone 6 (Optimized)

iPhone 6 Plus (Optimized)

iPhone 6S (Optimized)

iPhone 6S Plus (Optimized)

iPhone 7 (Optimized)

iPhone 7 Plus (Optimized)

iPad 4G

iPad Mini 2 Retina

iPad Mini 3 Retina

iPad Air (Optimized)

iPad Air 2 (Optimized)

If you are a tennis player you cannot miss this incredible App!!

Tennis Camera is the first fully automatic tool to measure your serve speed with your iPhone as in a professional tournament!

Save hundreds of dollars and put an incredible tool in your pocket!

What it does?

Tennis Camera does three unique things:

- Like a professional radar it automatically measures your Serve Speed and reconstruct the 3D trajectory of your shot;

- It tells you whether your serve was IN or OUT like a professional Hawk Eye;

- Helps you to track your improvements by logging all your results.

How it works

We put together a bunch of technologies ranging from advanced computer visions algorithms, computational physics and the latest advancement in sport science to provide you a unique experience that all tennis players were waiting for!!

How to use it

It's super simple! Just start the Tennis Camera, turn your device into landscape mode, stand along the serve line and point the camera on the serving area: once your mate will serve you'll see a stunning animation full of details like the serve speed, the travelled distance, the time of flight and the 3D trajectory of your serve.

Extra Features:

- Works in all light condition from a sunny day in Miami to the dark light of an indoor court and all court type (clay, hard, grass...);

- Requires no calibration nor training to use it: just hold the camera and measure your mate's serve!

- Tested with state-of-the-art radar!!!

- Provides 3D animation of your serve trajectories as in professional ATP Tournaments;

- Display results in kph or mph;

- Measure the time of flight of the ball and its travelled distance;

- You can easily measure your next opponent's speed from outside the court;

- Share your best results on social networks;

- Gives you feedback on your serve statistics.

Check out our videos on our homepage!!

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