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Crush TV
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  • Titre: Crush TV
  • Version: 1.8.1
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  • Date de sortie: 2014-04-26T02:39:34Z
  • Développeur: Philip Keth
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Plus d'informations sur Crush TV version 1.8.1

Let the CrushTV app help you realize your ultimate archery potential.

Calculate arrow speed
Choose from many of the common bows on the market to identify your bows IBO speed, Once you have identified your IBO, enter a few more specs and calculate your overall arrow speed.

Kinetic Energy
Kinetic energy is a very important factor in hunting large game. With the calculations provided, you can quickly discover whether your configuration is up to the challenge. You can manipulate with these calculations to determine the adjustment that are necessary in order to meet your kinetic energy requirements.

In order to ensure that your arrows have the proper flight it is crucial to be able to determine their F.O.C. (Front of Center) calculation. Use the tools provided to easily balance any arrow for any bow setup.

Shooting Practice
The CrushTV provides interfaces for logging your shot placement on your target during your practice sessions. You can choose from the built-in targets or take a photo of your own target to use while logging practice sessions. All shots are recorded so that you can view statistics, determine tendencies and see how you are improving over time. You can view statistics by yardage and/or time and see the number of arrows placed in each of the 9 zones on your target. This gives you the advantage of knowing whether you have a tendency to shot to the left, right, high or low. The CrushTV also uses these statistics to calculate your maximum effective range based on accuracy percentage at each yardage. This provides confidence when your pin is settling on that trophy of a lifetime.

3D Shooting
Take the guess work out of 3D shooting by letting The CrushTV guide you through the course. At each station, you can choose from many of the built-in 3D targets to determine the 10-ring size. The application will use your bow configuration and arrow speed to display the yardage range you can be within and still hit the 10 ring. Log your score and move to the next station. The application keeps score for you as you go.

Trip Planning
Take the guess work out of planning for your next hunting or backpack adventure. The CrushTV provides all the tools for you to photograph all of your equipment along with the weight of each item. You can place equipment within groups for ease
of organization. Configure virtual backpacks. Add or remove equipment for each quickly and easily. The system displays the weight of your virtual backpack. Save your pack for future use. Create many different packs for many different types of hunts and trips. Use each virtual pack as a checklist when preparing for your next hunt. This will ensure that you are traveling at your most efficient weight possible without forgetting any essential items.

The app will always show the current weather conditions and 7-day forecast of your current location.

Wind speed and direction
Wind direction is essential when planning your route into your hunting location. The CrushTV will show you the wind direction and speed in relation to your current location. You can quickly see on a map how the wind is blowing allowing you to plan your route into your stand without being winded.

Food Plots
The Food Plot module allows you to build a library of Food Plots. Calculate acreage for your food plot by plotting points around the perimeter of your plot. The system calculates the total acreage for you. You can also, calculate and store how much seed and fertilizer will be required for your food plot.

The CrushTV allows you to build a library of GPS locations. Store the location of a deer scrape, trail cameras, or other points of interest. Select from your library and touch the navigation button to have The CrushTV guide you back to the location quickly and easily. While navigating, follow the arrow and remaining distance to walk right to where you need to be.

The CrushTV provides many different resources to help you become a better hunter.

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