Luke & Mary: Baby Games and Nursery Rhymes (Ad Free) version 1.0.4

Luke & Mary: Baby Games and Nursery Rhymes (Ad Free)
  • Catégorie: Éducation, Jeux, Famille,
  • Titre: Luke & Mary: Baby Games and Nursery Rhymes (Ad Free)
  • Version: 1.0.4
  • Taille du fichier: 891.18 MB
  • Date de sortie: 2015-07-24T10:05:56Z
  • Développeur: Kokonuzz Limited
  • Évaluation: 4+
  • Licence: Gratuit
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Plus d'informations sur Luke & Mary: Baby Games and Nursery Rhymes (Ad Free) version 1.0.4

++ 100% FREE, no in-App purchases, no Ads. FREE regular updates with additional games, rhymes and activities. 100% Kid Safe ++

"Luke & Mary" is the perfect App to interact with your baby or toddler through fun, creative nursery rhymes, games and activities. When used before bedtime, it helps parents to establish a smooth and successful go-to-sleep routine for their kids (babies and toddlers aged 1 to 4). "Luke & Mary" App is constantly growing and is always 100% Free. Who are Luke & Mary?

Luke & Mary are two adventurous siblings who love to read fairy tales featuring their favorite characters: Red Riding Hood, The Ugly Duckling, The 3 little pigs, The Frog Prince... As most kids, Luke & Mary love nursery rhymes with a happy ending, but sometimes the characters in a story face big problems that they don't know how to solve by themselves. What to do? With the help of your toddler, Luke & Mary will use their huge imagination to travel within the story and find a solution (through a fun mini activity) that will help the characters reach a happily ever after ending.

In this first release we include The Ugly Duckling story (completely reimagined and narrated in a fun nursery rhyme style). Next version will include the Red Riding Hood (also for Free)

Luke & Mary also love playing in the Playground, a section where you will find a growing number of mini games and activities with great educational value:

- Mathematics: learning the numbers and improving counting skills
- Hand Eye Coordination
- Colors, Shapes, Alphabet
- Puzzles
- Memory Games

All of them designed with 3 levels, so babies and toddlers at different stages can play and have fun.

This app is Free and features No Ads, so it generates no revenues. Why did we create it? Here goes my story (with a rhyme):

Faster than the sound of thunder… Faster than light? Way more!
That’s how fast my baby crawls, to grab my phone from the floor!

Same happens with my tablet, this kid has a techie obsession!
He loves iPad so so much, he tries to eat it at any occasion.

My daughter? Same story! I can see her stolen glance
She would swap me for a tablet if she ever had the chance!

But to be fair, I bear the blame! I use gadgets every day…
So why is daddy not sharing? Don’t be selfish! Let us play!

I used to be very strict on that, and stingy with their screen time,
Want to play? Then play with daddy! Let’s all sing a funny rhyme!

But the more you forbid something, the more you increase its appeal
I didn’t want to create tech junkies… I needed to find a new deal.

Is technology the enemy? What is exactly the threat?
Daddy replaced by a tablet… that would make me very upset!

And then it hit me: Revelation!
If we use it all together, I am still part of this equation!

If screen time is family time, then there’s nothing to fear anymore,
Happy kids and happy parents, no more tech junkies: perfect score!

And that’s why I created Luke & Mary, to bond with my little ones,
An app that brings families closer, a great app for all dads and mums!

Original stories, activities, minigames… Free content updates coming too,
What I created to help my own family, now I want to share it with you!

I hope you will enjoy Luke & Mary, technology can be a great friend,
Download it now, it’s free, give it a try! And if you like, please rate & recommend!

Thanks for your support! Be Happy, Have Fun, Go Nuts!
Alexis (from Kokonuzz)

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